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Live Your Life in Ahhh

Is there tension in your jaw that you are aware of? Relaxing the jaw supports breathing, listening, speaking, and digestion. Most people have jaw tension and everyone stops breathing at times during the day, especially when they are stressed. Relaxing your jaw can have a cascading effect of ease through your body. See what you notice by trying the Ease Key, Relax Your Jaw Find Your Ahhh.

  1. Start by yawning. It doesn’t matter if it is a real or pretend yawn.

  2. Feel the heaviness of the lower jaw and the weight of gravity. Feel the softness of your cheeks and jaw.

  3. Find your ahhh or a sigh. Yawning is good for you! It activates the relaxation response and opens space in the back of the throat so you can take a deeper breath.

  4. Take a few more deep breaths. Make the sound ahhh.

  5. Observe your neck and jaw and breathe.

A yawn, sigh, and the sound ahhh can open the central channel for your breath so you can breathe more fully. The sensation of a yawn naturally relaxes the jaw and neck muscles, activating the relaxation response in your body, and opening the flow of breath into the lungs. The sound of Ahhh engages the soft-palate at the top of the mouth, creating more room for the breath to enter the trachea, or windpipe. You are opening wider the space for breath to enter. It helps both breathing through your nose and breathing through your mouth.

Living your life in Ahhh you remember to use your Relax Your Jaw Find Ahhh Ease Key several times throughout the day. Your whole body relaxes more and you get more oxygen to your beautiful brain and all your vital organs.

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