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Discover the Power of Ease 

with this FREE video series

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Think of Self-Regulation as a tune-up. Your body is your vehicle that gets you through all of life: the twists and turns in life, the ups and downs, and even the crashes. Get to know how your vehicle -- your body -- works.


Tune-up your systems to get more vital energy, agility, clarity, and capacity to navigate all that life brings. Address stress, burn-out, and fatigue with 

simple processes you can use anywhere.


Get Started

Learn about self-regulation, the Ease Keys, and how to get the most out of this Self-Regulation video series.  


Get Your Witness in Play

Take a moment to listen to what is going on in your body right now. Get curious about you.


Create a Strong Foundation

How to sit to support your body, heart, lungs, and brain.

Self Regulation Videos Getting Started


Grow Your Comfort Zone

Explore what happens at the edge of your comfort zone and tap into your relaxation responses to create more ease.


The Power of Your Breath

Learn how to breathe fully and access the restorative power of your breath.


Create Room for Your Organs

Support and bring vital energy to the digestive organs. Help them play in synchrony. 


Your Triune Nervous System

Identify how your body typically reacts under stress and which Ease Keys can help you move toward balance.


Love Your Inner Turtle

See how your neck and limbs pull in under stress -- just like a turtle -- and how to come out of your imaginary shell to reconnect with your world.


Come to Your Senses

Notice which senses are pleasant and how opening your windows of perception connects you to the beautiful world around you. 


Bring Your Practice to Life Through Co-Regulation

Discover the positive impact you can have on others through your self-regulation practice. 


Brain Washing for Self-Regulation

Improve circulation and energy by washing your brain.

2 Get Your Witness in Play
3 Create a Strong Foundation
4 Grow Your Comfort Zone
5 The Power of Your Breath
6 Create Room for Your Organs
7 Your Triune Nervous System
8 Love Your Inner Turtle
9 Come to Your Senses
10 Bring Your Practice to Life Through Co-Regulation
Bonus Brain Washing for Self-Regulation
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