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Two groups of diverse people learning together, connected by a scribble, with text under each saying "Rhtythm of learning" and "Learning Network"

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Each one - teach one!

We work using a community and organizational capacity building model. The Ease Keys are designed to be simple to share and easy to integrate into a wide variety of settings. As we seed these courses and practices into existing community networks, great things are happening. We have train-the-trainer programs available and intact trainings available to support community capacity building. Stories of the Community of Practice in action and resources gleaned for the Community of Practice can be found below. 

Group of people facing various paths toward the "future"

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Shifting toward self-care and community-care

The healing power of self-regulation and co-regulation creates a paradigm shift in care.  

  • Balance the nervous system to powerfully support physical and mental health.

  • Bring the rhythms of regulation into your day and your work. Create habits of ease.

  • Reduce cortisol and address the impacts of stress.

  • Increase circulation, energy flow, and oxytocin.

  • Use a body-up approach to therapy and self-care. 

  • Give everyone a chance to fly, to flourish. 

The Power of Ease supports the emergence of a culture of health and fits into the Self-Healing Communities Framework. We recognize there are an abundance of leaders working in their own community context to create solutions to the challenges they face. The anatomy of Self-Regulation brings new insights for the Neuroscience aspects that empower communities to take healing and change into their own hands.  

Resources and Stories

Read stories of the Power of Ease in action. Dive into resources cultivated for and by our community of practice. Send us your story!

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