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Ease Keys Go Dancing with Olympia Family Theatre

Grateful for our creative collaboration with the Green Zone and Olympia Family Theatre, bringing the Green Zone tools and Ease Keys to community through their spring musical, the Alphabetastics.

The Alphabetastics is a play about young Halona navigating a big change (a new baby sibling!) and trying out social and emotional tools to support her journey. The inspiring songs, dances, and characters weave together all sorts of great practices to care for ourselves amidst the challenges and uncertainties of life.

The Olympia Family Theatre hopes this play prompts folks to think about: In what ways can we support and care for ourselves, and the community at large, as we adapt to an ever-changing world?

Check out the digital program which includes tools from and

Best Life Body Boogie is the song that brings the Ease Keys to Life. The musical script for the Alphabetics was written by the inspiring creative teammates Ted Ryle and Miriam Sterlin.

We want all our kids to live their best life!

Growing the ease where the learning is done.


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