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Embodied Awareness is Key

Your body is always talking. Take a moment to listen. Your body is dynamic, adaptive, supportive, and responsive. The parts of your body are always communicating with each other and deciding moment to moment how to adapt. Embodied awareness helps you learn how to listen to the cues, sensations, rhythms, and patterns - the language of your body.

Get to know the intelligence of your body. You’ll be surprised to discover all the ways your body is supporting you without your conscious awareness, autonomically.

The starting point for embodied awareness is taking a moment to notice:

  • How are you seated or standing?

  • What’s happening at the top and bottom of your spine?

  • Where is there tension or ease? Perhaps in your jaw, neck, shoulders, back or belly?

  • What is the look on your face?

  • Is your breath more shallow or more full?

You will begin to notice your habits for how you sit, move, breath, and stand.

You will also begin to notice how simple movements support your body in opening. A very natural opening process happens as we notice what creates a little more ease.


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