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We cultivate courageous connections to self, each other, and the world.

Rebalancing the nervous system is the answer to everything. We encourage the movement from trauma-informed practice to healing-centered engagement by cultivating courageous connections to self, each other, and the world.


We aim to . . .

  • Cultivate courageous connections to SELF, each other, and the world.

  • Help our communities and kids to breathe in ways that support physical and mental health.

  • Balance our nervous systems reconnecting with our resilience and brilliance. 

  • Empower individuals, organizations, and communities to discover the self-healing and restorative capacities in every body.

You are invited to . . .

  • Learn simple restorative and self-healing processes.

  • Connect with your body’s internal support systems.

  • Activate your potential by getting more circulation, oxygen, and fluid flow to your brain.

  • Share the Power of Ease Keys with others in your family, communities, and organizations.


"Like magic!"

Our Story

We adore the human body and studying cellular vitality and human potential. To us, it's like a giant 5D puzzle we are trying to solve together. We were first introduced at Cafe Sono in Seattle, a community of practice space which happens also to be our mutual friend Sono’s home. On New Year's Day 2020, we met to share what we were each teaching and learning, and the first draft of The Power of Ease was completed two weeks later! The joy of collaborating that first time was like magic, and we continue to love learning and collaborating together and with others to discover what is possible for each of us and our beloved communities.

A Bit More About Us

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Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMT


Aubrey has been studying integrative and wholistic therapy for over 25 years. What started as a healing crisis became a passion for integrating body, mind, and spirit through clinical practice. She initially used this integration to develop breast wellness practices for women ( More recently she is passionate about rebalancing the nervous system as the foundational paradigm shift for 21st century health care. This new approach, Polyvagal Balancing, combines bodywork, breath, and movement practices so the body can support mental and spiritual growth.

Through teaching hundreds of clients and therapists, she has distilled decades of information into simple, self-care instructions to empower people to take their health into their own hands.  Her love and passion for studying the intricate details of anatomy are foundational to the effectiveness of the Self-Regulation series. She brings this wisdom into focus with the courses Understanding the Anatomy of Self Care and Introduction to Breast Massage. A devotion to developing creative, self-healing communities drives her partnership in this work.

Aubrey also teaches, coaches, and offers bodywork sessions through

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Teresa Posakony, BS


Teresa is a leader and innovator in the Self-Healing and Resilient Communities movement. She works with individuals, organizations, and communities globally to help us realize our innate capacity to flourish. Teresa is a passionate student, researching at the intersection of neuroscience, anatomy, energy medicine, and somatic intelligence.  She loves seeing the change that happens when people discover the grand intelligence of their bodies and learn how to work with it.

Teresa is the primary author for the course Self-Regulation: Creating Habits of Ease. She regularly guides the 6-week learning journey “Take Care of Your Heart.” She teaches trauma-informed care, and the “Art of Participatory Leadership.”  Teresa integrates her ReConnective Therapy practice into all aspects of her life.


Teresa has extensively studied somatic practice including: breathwork, posture, movement, and voice. This included studying with exceptional teachers of Aston Kinetics, the Alexander Method, and the Realization Process. Teresa has an Anatomy Specialization from the University of Michigan. She is a practitioner of Reconnective Therapy and has advanced training in anatomy, energy medicine, coaching, and conscious awareness.


Teresa also consults, teaches, and offers ReConnective Therapy through

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